Before contacting me I will need a few bits of information about you to ensure my safety.

Please keep in mind that as an independent provider, I have the privilege of making conscious choices about whom I choose to engage with and as such, respectful and courteous communication is paramount.


New partners, please provide ONE of the following:

  1. The name and contact information of another verifiable provider you've seen within the last nine months or

  2. Include any board handles (CAERF, LYLA, TERB, MERB, PERB, P411, TER) or

  3. A link to your LinkedIn profile

  4. An email from your corporate email address or

  5. A picture of your drivers license and a piece of mail with your name on it.

Here are two alternative choices to my standard screening practise

  1. You can prepay for your appointment via direct email transfer to a discreet email address I have set up for such purposes. (This option is only available for Canadian Clients) or

  2. You can provide me with your full legal name, place of employment, job title, work phone number and best time to call. If preferred, you can come up with a cover story for my screening call (Eg: Amy calling from UPS for Mr.X)

This service is only available for places of employment where employee directories are available, or the phone call can be directed through an administrative staff.

It goes without saying that all information will remain confidential. I assure you, the risks of being unmasked as a companion far outweighs the risks of being unmasked as a client, and I would never jeopardize my business or my ability to continue to do the work in my professional field outside of companionship.

Along with your screening information please also include:

  • Preferred Dates + Times

  • A Bit about yourself

  • Details about our first date

  • For dignitaries and celebrities, please also include a copy of your NDA (two business days prior)