Get to know me


It is my pleasure to have you in my company and I take pride in being that special someone who goes above and beyond to give you just the experience you're craving. I am a sensual, sexy, chocolate skin goddess who loves to please as much as I like to command your attention. My only goal is to have you completely and utterly satisfied. So leave your cares at the door with your shoes and step into my little slice of paradise;  where reality fades and our little fantasy begins.


I am a warm hearted, passionate, tall, ebony beauty with soft smooth skin that is tender to the touch and filled with desire. Naturally busty (36D), with sculpted flat abs and a thin waist (28 inches). I have been blessed with a shapely and firm derrière and great looks topped off with a comforting smile to put you at ease and a sparkle in my eye that will intrigue you. Currently a masters student studying Biotechnology at one of Toronto's Top University. Yes, I'm a bit of a cultured, well traveled, smarty pants who is exquisitely articulate. Physically athletically built, and 5'7 tall at 130lbs, with full thick lips, perfectly round hips, thick juicy thighs, a warm inviting personality and a wild imagination. 


I live and play passionately and fun for me looks like surfing the worlds best breaks, but on a typical Friday night you'll find me with my girlfriends listening to live jazz or taking in the city's latest urban contemporary art offerings. I love silky satins, and lacy delicates, light dry wines in the summer and a thick full bodied single malt in the winter. You are sure to find me breathtakingly beautiful, charming and personable. While I have been told that my laughter is contagious and my smile disarmingly comforting.


Time spent with me will be fun, sensual, passionate, and mind blowing; so don't be alarmed If after our time together you find yourself  walking with a youthful spring in your step; or you are caught whistle a tune or two.


While gifts and tips are never a requirement, if you would like to




  • Contact: Before sending that first contact email to me please ensure you include your all screening information, dates and times that work best, the duration of our encounter, and a bit about you. 


  • Punctual: Please be punctual & if you happen to arrive earlier please wait for further instructions, preferably in your car or a coffee shop close by.  


  • Donation: Please leave the donation somewhere in clear sight upon your arrival. Then excuse yourself to the washroom to freshen up.


  • Hygiene: I expect you to freshen up once you arrive. Including washing your hands, using the mouth wash and or showering upon arrival.


  • Discretion: I respect your boundaries & private life and above all, I respect you and would appreciate same from you. If I see you in public, alone or in the company of another I will never come up to you. If we are both alone, a glimmer of a coy knowing smile is tantalizing yet respectful enough to acknowledge each other. 


  • Respect: During our experience with each other its not uncommon for things to get heated. Sometimes we can even get carried away. However, continuous and enthusiastic consent is a hard boundary and I have the right to stop and ask you to leave without reimbursement if you are not being respectful of this boundary.



New partners, please list the name and contact information of another verifiable provider you've seen within the last nine months 

Include any board handles 

City you are located 

Preferred Dates + Times

A Bit about yourself




If you are not part of any review boards (CAERF, LYLA, TERB, MERB, PERB, P411, TER) and do not have any references, the following screening processes may be applicable to you. Please keep in mind that as an independent provider, I have the privilege of making conscious choices about whom I choose to engage with, and as such respectful and courteous communication is paramount. 

Here are three alternative choices to my standard screening practise

  1. You can prepay for your appointment via direct email transfer to a discreet email address I have set up for such purposes. This option is only available for Canadian Clients.
  2. You can scan and submit a copy of your government issued identification
  3. You can provide me with your full legal name, place of employment, job title, work phone number and best time to call. If preferred, you can come up with a cover story for my screening call (Eg: Sarah calling from FedEx for Mr.X)

This service is only available for places of employment where employee directories are available, or where the phone call can be directed through an administrative staff.

It goes without saying that all information will remain confidential. I assure you, the risks of being unmasked as a companion far outweigh the risks of being unmasked as a client, and I would never jeopardize my business or my ability to continue to do the work in my field outside of companionship.